The development of a strong nonprofit sector is vital to maintaining the health and vibrancy of the community. The Nonprofit Village was established in 2006 to strengthen nonprofit organizations and develop innovative collaborations that will ensure residents can take full advantage of their educational, civic, and economic potential. We are a multi-tenant nonprofit center.

Drawing on the best practices from successful centers around the country, The Nonprofit Village established a multi-tenant “Village Center” in 2009 that brings together nonprofits organizations sharing a common goal but unique missions.

Our mission is to increase the strength and sustainability of nonprofits by providing professional space, essential services, and collaborative opportunities.

The Nonprofit Village is a 10,000 square foot facility that accommodates administrative offices for individual organizations, common workspace and multiple shared learning center/conference areas that can be accessed by the broader nonprofit community.

What We Do

The vision of the Nonprofit Village is to build an effective cooperative of community-based nonprofit organizations in Montgomery County. Through shared office space and programs, the Nonprofit Village promotes and facilitates collaboration among its tenants. A large variety of amenities are available to help sustain, build and grow the capacity of tenants, their operations, and their programs.

In 2013, The Nonprofit Village launched our “Room to Grow” program which provides a new virtual office to nonprofits county-wide. We currently have five active virtual tenants and are rapidly growing this program. Find out more about that option here.